How to Change Keyboard Theme on Google Pixel Phone

If you’re an avid smartphone user, typing is probably the most frequent activity that you do on your smartphone. Be it for texting, browsing, or writing, typing on your smartphone is an inseparable activity in your daily life. But sometimes, typing could get boring, especially if you always use and see the same keyboard over and over again. For that reason, this article covers the instructions on how to change keyboard theme on Google Pixel Phone.

change keyboard theme on google pixel phone

Steps to change keyboard theme on your Pixel Phone

As you know, the Google Pixel Phone uses Gboard as the default keyboard. Ever since Gboard’s initial release in May 2016, several updates have been implemented on this virtual keyboard. Some of the most popular features are, glide typing, voice typing, and responsive autocorrect AI. On top of that, this virtual keyboard also supports more than 900 languages, making it accessible to users around the world.

In 2016, a theme feature was implemented on the Gboard. This feature allows users to change the keyboard’s background into different colors and import pictures from your phone’s gallery. The theme implementation feature will surely make your typing experience so much fun. Despite that, not a lot of Pixel users know how to change the Gboard theme. So, here’s how to change keyboard theme on Google Pixel Phone.

  • Open and activate your Google Pixel phone.
  • From your Home screen, go to the Settings, indicated by the blue gear icon.

changing keyboard theme google pixel

  • Once you do that, go to the System settings and select Languages & input.
  • From there, select Virtual Keyboard. Since you use the default keyboard, select Gboard.

google pixel change keyboard theme

  • After you select Gboard, tap the Theme option.
  • Pick your favorite theme and select Apply to use it on your keyboard.

There’s another method to access the Gboard setting. This method is faster and can be accessed without going to Settings. To do that, tap the button on the left of the space bar for a few seconds. When several icons appear, select the gear icon. From here, you can repeat the process from step 5.

Can changing the theme make you type faster?

In today’s hectic lifestyle, you have to do everything fast. This includes typing on your smartphone. If you can type faster, you can accomplish anything at a faster pace, including writing emails, texting, and chatting. But, can change the keyboard’s theme make you a faster typer? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Instead, several methods can increase your typing speed.

For instance, you can utilize Gboard’s swipe typing to increase your typing speed. Instead of pressing the keyboard, all you have to do is glide your finger from one button to another. Other than that, you can also use voice typing on your Pixel phone. Besides increasing your typing speed, it could also minimize hand fatigue. So, just try all Gboard’s features to see which one’s more effective to increase your typing speed.

So, that’s the complete instruction to change keyboard theme on your Google Pixel Phone. Besides using the default theme, you can also use your pictures from the gallery. So, keep experimenting with different themes to find the best one for you.

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