How to Force Stop Apps on Google Pixel Phone

Imagine this scenario. You’re just laying on your bed after work. Feeling the need for some game, you decide to open the Chess app on your phone. While busy being entertained, suddenly the app won’t play the video that you clicked. Even worse, the app is not responding to your touch. Luckily, this problem can easily be solved by force-stopping the app. So, here’s how to force stop apps on Google Pixel Phone.

force stop apps on google pixel

Steps to force stop apps on your Google Pixel

Unlike in the old days, closing an app on a modern Android phone is not easy. Certain apps like Google Chrome do not support an exit method via the return button. Instead, you have to go to the multitasking menu and disable the app’s operation. This method seems to be the easiest way to exit an app. But what if an app is misbehaving?

To solve the problem of a misbehaving app, all you need to do is perform a force stop. As the name suggests, force-stopping an app means that you will forcefully stop the app’s operation. This method is an excellent way to reset an app’s operations without risking the app’s customized settings. Despite how useful it is, not many Pixel Phone users know how to do this. So, here’s how to force stop apps on Google Pixel Phone.

  • Activate your Pixel phone and go to the Apps screen.
  • From there find and open the Settings.

google pixel close app

  • Once you open the Settings, select the Apps & notifications option.
  • You will be presented with several options. Tap the See all apps option to see all installed apps on your Pixel.
  • Find the misbehaving app. If the app that you’re looking for is a system app, tap the Menu icon and select Show system.

google pixel force stop app

  • After you select an app, tap the Force stop option to completely stop the app’s operation.
  • If prompted, click OK to confirm the Force stop.

The importance of force stops

While it sounded bad, force-stopping an app is not a dangerous process for your Pixel phone. To understand the force stop process, you have to understand how an Android phone works. In Android phones, apps activity can be categorized into running, paused, or stopped. When exiting or stopping an app, Android will destroy the process in which the app’s activity runs.

When the process is done smoothly by the system, an app will transition from running activity to being stopped. However, an error might happen which resulted in an app becoming stuck in a certain activity loop. This error may cause the app to freeze, stop responding, and even crash. If that happens, the app’s operation needs to be stopped. That’s where the force stop procedure comes into play.

So, those are the steps that you can do to force stop apps on Google Pixel Phone. Before resetting the app’s preference, it is recommended that you use this method to fix a misbehaving app. Besides instantly killing the app, force stop will also prevent the app from accessing its corrupted cache files.

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