How to Schedule Text Message on Google Pixel Phone

Do you have friends or family members working and run different schedules? Of course, it makes you realize that you send more messages. It is essential to have a Google Pixel Phone with a good capability to send texts. Schedule text message on Google Pixel Phone is a useful feature. Scheduling text on android is a rare feature. But, some applications enable you to send it later.

schedule text message on google pixel

Steps to schedule text message on Google Pixel Phone and Android

There will be some steps to do on scheduling text on your Pixel phone. What are they?

  • Open the application of messages on your phone. Then, you can start a new conversation or enter existing chats.

google pixel scheduled message

  • Click a message that you want to schedule commonly but don’t press a send button.
  • With the composed message, you can press and hold on the Send button to bring up the new schedule message option.
  • You must select to send a message on the determined time before. Otherwise, you can select the right time that you can choose.

google pixel scheduled text message

  • If you select to set your schedule, you will see a calendar and a time chooser. You can fill in the appropriate information.
  • If everything looks right, press Save. Then, you will see the dates and time that you choose about the message and a new hour icon on the button of Send.
  • Click a button Send. Your message will be scheduled.

If you want to schedule text message on Google Pixel Phone, the directions will function to some kinds of the sent text. In another word, it has no problems whether it is short message service, chats, or MMS. You can schedule anything. Remember that the phone must connect to cellular data or Wi-Fi when the message is scheduled. If you don’t do it, the message will not send.

Scheduling text message on android phone

Most android phones can schedule text on the android message application default. It is the right time to discuss the ways of scheduling and editing text on android messages when it enters the last trial last year. However, the function is available in the running phones of Android 7.0 or higher.

scheduling and editing text on android messages

Google produce practical animation about the scheduling ways on android message. However, you must update a system and application before you use it. If the text is unavailable on the phone, you can use a new schedule on android message, telegram, and SMS.

Though you can’t schedule and send a text message through Google calendar, you can still use it to be an agenda reminder to send text for special agendas. You can write the desired text draft that you send in the part of Note when you set reminders with those ways. You can copy and attach text when you must send it. You can now draft your text message on Google Pixel Phone to be sent on the right date and time. Google Message will gain you a new feature to schedule text message on Google Pixel Phone. It allows you to schedule text messages in the Google Message application.

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